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Insurance is

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The purchase of a home, condo or seasonal property is a big investment and should be protected so that in the event of a total or partial loss, it will be repaired or replaced with like kind and quality. We can help you insure…

Home & Tenant Insurance

For all your insurance needs.


Homeowners Insurance

To qualify for replacement, your home must be insured to its full value or replacement cost. Coronach Agencies will guide you through this process. 

We will ask some basic questions about your home, such as size, features, flooring, number of bathrooms, and type of siding, roofing, and construction. Then we use an evaluation tool to calculate what it would cost to replace your home with the same quality of materials and the same features.  This value is called ‘replacement cost‘ and is the value we insure your home for.  A percentage of this value will also cover your belongings and personal possessions.

Coronach Agencies will provide you two quotes and help you compare the cost versus the type of coverage you choose.  Once you make a decision between ‘comprehensive‘ or ‘basic coverage,’ we will work with you to complete an application and discuss the payment options. 

Comprehensive versus basic coverage for your home is a term used to describe how the contents of your home will be insured and under what circumstances.

The insurance companies we represent allow pre-authorized chequing, credit cards, or a three-payment plan.

Tenant Insurance

When you rent a property to live in such as an apartment or a home, you will need to protect your personal belongings. The landlord’s insurance only covers the building.

We can help you determine the value of everything you own such as furniture, clothing, dishes, food, electronics, etc. This is the dollar value you would be insured for. In the event of a loss, such as a fire, everything you own is insured for replacement cost.  If you have a 52” TV, it will be replaced with the same product.

All Tenant Paks include $1 million liability.

Condos, Seasonal Homes & Rental Properties Insurance

At Coronach Agencies, we have three licensed and experienced professionals to help guide you through the process to find the right insurance for you.

Kind Words

Great people who run our insurance agency. They go above and beyond for their customers. They even give up their lunch hour to make sure that everything is done right and as quickly as possible. Thanks to that great couple we were able to get what we needed when no one else was able or willing to do so. Thomas and myself thank these two people for just being themselves and going that extra mile to help us out. Great place to go and know that everything you need and want is in one place.

Dione Deptuch

Sarah M

I have worked with Cal for many years and have always had awesome service. Cal always brings good value when you work with him.

Shawn Kostiuk

Michael Zummack

Coronach Agencies

For all your insurance needs.

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